Religion: A divisive communal force

How is it that religion can function as both a communal force that binds people together in a common cause and can also lead people to perpetuate war and suffering on others?

Think about it. Some of the greatest community good has come out of religious ideas. Hospitals spring immediately to mind.

While at the same time region has lead people to heinous acts of violence against others with differing beliefs. The inquisition and the crusades are examples.

I’m not much for history (I like it, don’t know much about it), but isn’t religion at the root of the issues between Northern and Southern Ireland?

We need to embrace a diversity of religious viewpoints in the world. Diversity begets stability.  What a person believes only affects me if I let it.  What they do, based on those beliefs can impact me directly.


About benevolentheathen

I am an Associate Professor of Biology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I teach courses in ecology, evolution, and behavior with an emphasis on terrestrial vertebrates, especially reptiles. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the interplay between science and religion. I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I am continually reassessing my thoughts and ideas about God, faith, and religion and how they fit into my empirical worldview. View all posts by benevolentheathen

One response to “Religion: A divisive communal force

  • shesnosaint

    I think this can be said about any shared vision. A shared vision brings people together and the door is opened for scary group dynamics. Could happen with a hot dog just as easily as Jesus.

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