AAAS-SWaRM Science and Religion symposium talk

On March 31st I will be chairing a symposium on Science and Religion at the American Association for the Advancement of Science-Southwest and Rocky Mountains Region annual meeting in Tulsa, OK. Attached is the latest version.  It is down to 12 minute. I have posted it here to get CONSTRUCTIVE critisisms. Please don’t comment on the lack of polish or the “ums.” It was the first time I went over it. I know it’s rusty. Please let me know what you think of the content.

AAAS-SWaRM2012 (with audio 4)

You must have a PowerPoint viewer to hear the talk.  Let me know what you think.  As I polish, I will post upgrades.


About benevolentheathen

I am an Associate Professor of Biology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I teach courses in ecology, evolution, and behavior with an emphasis on terrestrial vertebrates, especially reptiles. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the interplay between science and religion. I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I am continually reassessing my thoughts and ideas about God, faith, and religion and how they fit into my empirical worldview. View all posts by benevolentheathen

3 responses to “AAAS-SWaRM Science and Religion symposium talk

  • Rod Murrow

    The content is most interesting and I’m not up to date enough to comment much on it, especially on what to cut. However, you can add text to the final slide and save some time by not discussing those folks.

    Clean up the slides a bit – omit apostrophes on 1890s and 1960s. Ensure that the bullet items all begin with caps or all don’t – either will work, just be consistent.

    Some really cool science/nature background image would be cool.

    Hyperlinks would be a great addition, if appropriate for your audience for this presentation. If you keep the final version in your blog, it would certainly allow folks to follow up with some links to the sources.

  • benevolentheathen

    @Rod–thanks for the great comments. I will make your suggested fixes. I found a couple myself going over it tonight. I also have some new history to add. I have the time down to about twelve minutes. Look for version 3 sometime tomorrow. If I can find a computer with PowerPoint 2010 it will be posted as a video….

  • Rod Murrow

    I left a link in your FB message box.

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