New Years Resolution

It has been some time since I last made a blog post.  I got busy, a little put off by some comments on my last post, and just sort of let life get in the way .  While I am no less busy than i was the better part of a year ago, I have resolved this year to make a concerted effort to post more regularly.  I am going to give it my best shot to post twice each week.  I have not completely ironed out my schedule for the spring semester, but I should be able to carve out a couple of hours each week to  post some insightful observations, update you on the status of my dog training (I am hoping to train my pointer to find rattlesnakes), and keep you abreast of a few projects my students are working on (of course they are snake related! That’s what I do)

So with this as my first post of the New Year and my first post of the week, I will have more for you later this week.  Now back to preparing syllabi for the spring semester.



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I am an Associate Professor of Biology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I teach courses in ecology, evolution, and behavior with an emphasis on terrestrial vertebrates, especially reptiles. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the interplay between science and religion. I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I am continually reassessing my thoughts and ideas about God, faith, and religion and how they fit into my empirical worldview. View all posts by benevolentheathen

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