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The Duggars: Poster Family for Darwinism

Earlier this week I made a post about the menace of unchecked human population growth.  Apparently the Duggar parents don’t read my blog.  (I can’t imagine why?  Go to their webpage and check out #2 on their family favorites).  20 kids and counting.  Come on.  Seriously.  How does a baby even stay in that women’s uterus anymore?  Now, I know everyone has a right to have as many kids as they want, but come on.  If it was cats instead of kids, we would be referring to the Duggars as the crazy cat family.  What is going on here?  Are they caught in some sort of twisted Concorde Fallacy where they must continue to have kids in order to have kids for the older kids to take care of?  Or perhaps Mom and/or Dad has an addiction to being pregnant or having babies? Or perhaps they are intoxicated on the fumes of celebrity and TLC money.

I think these people are incredibly selfish. Their behavior borders on the criminal.  I admit, they are not hurting anyone right now.  But remember Malthus, resources are finite.  It is future generations they are harming, including their grandchildren and great grand children.

I find it oddly amusing that a family as fundamentalist as the Duggars would succumb to the Darwinian imperative of reproduction to such an extreme.  These people should be the new poster family for Darwinism.  After all, fitness (in an evolutionary sense)  is relative.

The Duggar’s should be playing both sides of the fence here.  On one side they can appeal to their fundie followers who worship them for raising their army of children in such a “good christian way” (though I would argue that 20 kids is BAD stewardship of the planet, not good).  But on the other side of the fence they could appeal to the “Godless Darwinians.” “Look at us, our fitness is higher than your fitness.”

They have to get their agents on the marketing opportunities here.  I can see the t-shirts now.  On the front side of the shirt it reads, “The Duggar Army is Gods army,” and on the back of the shirt it reads, “The Duggars fitness is higher than your fitness.”  The could put it on coffee cups and ink pens, too.  Oh, and baby diapers that read, “God’s little stinker” and “Dumping for Darwin” across the butt.

In all seriousness, having 20 children is every person’s right, but that doesn’t make it right.  When someone talks too much we tell them to put a sock IN it.  When someone like the Duggars has too many kids, we need to tell them to put a sock ON it.


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