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More on the Nye/Ham “debate”

Alright, As promised I have a bit more intel for you regarding the Nye/Ham smackdown in the primordial ooze (What else can you call a creation museum?).  The event press release can be seen here.

The event is scheduled for February 4th at 7:00 pm in the Legacy Hall (and that’s one hell of a legacy!). The topic of the “debate” is, “Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?” According to, the $25 tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes. Personally I think buying fossilized dinosaur poop would have been a better way to spend the $25 bucks.

I forced my self to visit the answers in genesis website (I kept one eye closed and held my Darwin fish emblem to my heart). Apparently this is being billed as an “historic event.” Since Monkey trial has already been used, Kentuckians will need to come up with something different.  Let’s help them out.  Post your suggestions in the comments below.

The folks at AiG af fantastic marketers (NSF and AAAS needs needs to recruit these masterminds).  According to their website you can purchase a live stream of the event for $5 bucks, a DVD  and stream for $20, or the Stream, DVD, and video download for $25. Though I did see on their website that they were scuttling the live stream  because of demand and that they were looking into other exciting opportunities for people to watch the event live.

I still think this is a bad idea.  As I said before there is nothing to debate since creationism is not science.  There is nothing to be gained from debating creationist.  Their minds are made up.  In the worst case scenario Nye can come off looking like a fool and those folks still on the fence about the issue fall over on to the otherside.

What are your thoughts on the event.  Is it a good idea to get the issue out in to the open so it can be discussed or is this a huge mistake?



Smart people are crazy…?

I recently made a post about the poor public relations science has with the public.   Since then I have been thinking about how we can remedy this shortcoming of science.  Too no avail.  Then, yesterday, a friend of mine made a Facebook post that caught my attention.  It read, “The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.”  Now, I don’t necessarily like labels, but like Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The more I think about it, though, the more I am beginning to realize, that many Americans are probably not dumb, they’re just lazy.  Not necessarily physically lazy, but mentally lazy.  They don’t want to think deeply.  Hell, most of them don’t want to think at all.

Part of the problem is that we are not raising our children to think critically.  We no longer have a need of knowledge for knowledge sake.  We just Google it.  I would argue we need knowledge as a base for deeper questioning.  Knowing that Salvador Dali painted Persistence of Memory isn’t, in and of itself, worth a whole lot.  But having that knowledge might help a person ask a question on the next level, ” That is a funky-ass painting, what was the cultural milieu that lead him to paint like that?” or knowing what Natural Selection is and how it occurs might help someone ask, “Given that humans evolved through natural selection, how do I explain osteoarthritis or Obsessive Compulsive disorder?”

So the problem becomes, not that people are dumb, but that they are lazy.  Because they are lazy, they accept things at face value and don’t question it. This in turn allows people in power to use the media to their advantage.  Think about some of the stuff you see or read in the “news.”  Some of it isn’t even really news, it is  subtle religio-political propaganda.  And the public eats it up.

This situation reminds me of the Mike Judge film, Idiocracy.  Frankly, it scares the crap out of me to think that could actually happen.  In the film,  since the electrolytes in n (i.e., Gatorade) are good for people they are figured to be good for plants too How different is that from accepting that the first humans were created as gumby-like play-doe figures by an invisible hand that breathed life into them?  I’m just saying think about it.

We have a responsibility to ask questions and to think critically. Not only about what we see and hear, but also of what we think and believe.  There are groups of people, diametrically opposed to one another that want you on “their side.”  One group is interpreting scriptural writing as the literal word of God (Yes, this group includes both Christians and Muslims) and turns a blind eye to the numerous contradictions within (You can’t question the word of God, right?).  The other group claims a foundation in reason and critical thinking.  Yet this group thinks denigrating and belittling the beliefs of others is a sound way to win their favor.  Furthermore, they suggest the best way to spiritual fulfillment is through purely secular means without leaving room for the possibility for multiple and personal means of spirituality.

So, smart people only seem smart because they aren’t lazy.  They read, get informed and ask questions.  Dumb people aren’t dumb, they are lazy. They are poorly read, uninformed, and refuse to ask questions that matter (Big Mac or McChicken? is not a question that matters).  I urge everyone everywhere to subvert the dominant paradigm of anintellectualism and laziness.  Get smart and ask questions that matter.

Let's not let it come to this.

The Duggars: Poster Family for Darwinism

Earlier this week I made a post about the menace of unchecked human population growth.  Apparently the Duggar parents don’t read my blog.  (I can’t imagine why?  Go to their webpage and check out #2 on their family favorites).  20 kids and counting.  Come on.  Seriously.  How does a baby even stay in that women’s uterus anymore?  Now, I know everyone has a right to have as many kids as they want, but come on.  If it was cats instead of kids, we would be referring to the Duggars as the crazy cat family.  What is going on here?  Are they caught in some sort of twisted Concorde Fallacy where they must continue to have kids in order to have kids for the older kids to take care of?  Or perhaps Mom and/or Dad has an addiction to being pregnant or having babies? Or perhaps they are intoxicated on the fumes of celebrity and TLC money.

I think these people are incredibly selfish. Their behavior borders on the criminal.  I admit, they are not hurting anyone right now.  But remember Malthus, resources are finite.  It is future generations they are harming, including their grandchildren and great grand children.

I find it oddly amusing that a family as fundamentalist as the Duggars would succumb to the Darwinian imperative of reproduction to such an extreme.  These people should be the new poster family for Darwinism.  After all, fitness (in an evolutionary sense)  is relative.

The Duggar’s should be playing both sides of the fence here.  On one side they can appeal to their fundie followers who worship them for raising their army of children in such a “good christian way” (though I would argue that 20 kids is BAD stewardship of the planet, not good).  But on the other side of the fence they could appeal to the “Godless Darwinians.” “Look at us, our fitness is higher than your fitness.”

They have to get their agents on the marketing opportunities here.  I can see the t-shirts now.  On the front side of the shirt it reads, “The Duggar Army is Gods army,” and on the back of the shirt it reads, “The Duggars fitness is higher than your fitness.”  The could put it on coffee cups and ink pens, too.  Oh, and baby diapers that read, “God’s little stinker” and “Dumping for Darwin” across the butt.

In all seriousness, having 20 children is every person’s right, but that doesn’t make it right.  When someone talks too much we tell them to put a sock IN it.  When someone like the Duggars has too many kids, we need to tell them to put a sock ON it.

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